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In 2004, a group of local citizens here on the Outer Banks decided to start an organization that would raise local funds to be used to assist people living or working in our Outer Banks community who are burdened with financial difficulties because of a debilitating disease or illness, or a personal tragedy with themselves or a family member. Since that time over 13 years ago, the Outer Banks Relief Foundation has provided over $1,515,000 to over 700 citizens in need. Financial assistance amounts range from $500 to $2,000. Some examples of those situations are individuals stricken with cancer, or with serious blood or nerve disorders, or spinal injuries, or MS. We work closely with the other charitable and helping organizations here in our Outer Banks community, in order to coordinate our support and services to the needy, to not duplicate our efforts, and to maximize our collective resources as much a possible, particularly in these challenging economic times. Dial 2-1-1 for available Health & Human Services in our area.

Our Board of Directors and Staff

2016-2017 Board Executive Committee

Mr. John Bond Gillam, III – President
Mrs. Millie Ward – Vice-President of Human Services
Mr. Ervin Marshall Bateman – Vice-President of Marketing, Public Relations, and Public Affairs
Mr. James Claude Ward – Vice-President of Finance
Mr. James Roger Kenny II – Vice-President of Administration
Mrs. Tess Judge – Treasurer
Ms. Tracy L. Creef – Secretary
Mr. John Graham, III – Attorney

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Dr. Frank Ausband
Mr. Michael Kelly
Mr. James B. Braithwaite
Mr. Christian Todd Nophsker

Mr. J. T. Dixon
Mrs. Christen DeGabrielle Simmons
Mrs. Patty McKenna
Mrs. Amy H. Montgomery
Mrs. Debbie Ferrell Moore
Mr. Scott Brown

Director Emeritus

Mr. Tillman Gray
Mr. John Hyman Woolard, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Benedict Hoffmier, II
Mr. Timothy Ogburn, Jr.
Mrs. Diane Bognich
Mrs. Luanne Hege
Mr. Kenneth Pearl


Mrs. Patty McKenna, Executive Director
Mrs. Beth  Swanner, Operations Manager
Mrs. Deb MacDonald, Program Manager
Administrative Office

Post Office Box 545
103 East Eighth Street
Nag Head, North Carolina 27959-0545
252/261-2004 (Office)
252-441-1639 (Fax)

Office Hours: Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00am to 4:00pm (Closed Mondays and Fridays)

Please call ahead on Thur January 4 in case we close due to bad weather.