In 2004, a group of people on the Outer Banks raised money for leukemia research in honor of a local child battling the disease. This family became financially distressed during their crisis and they lost their home. The original group of fundraisers founded the Relief Foundation to prevent other local families from facing a similar situation.

Since that time, the Outer Banks Relief Foundation has provided over $2 million to 1,067 Outer Banks families in need. Financial assistance is given in the form of mortgage or rent payments, utility bill payments and payment of other critical household bills in amounts generally ranging from $500 to $3,000.

Some examples of what our clients are facing include cancer, serious blood or nerve disorders, spinal injuries, and multiple sclerosis. We work closely with the other charitable and helping organizations here on the Outer Bank and with regional, state and national organizations to coordinate and maximize support.

2021 Board of Directors

Amy Montgomery – President
Teresa Osborne – Vice President
Tess Judge – Treasurer
Susan Clissold – Secretary
Elizabeth Hoffmier
Marc Hellman
Gail Mee
Jeremy Miller
Jeff Schwartzenberg
Kathy Seawell
Charles “Trey” Shelton, MD
Monica Thibodeau
Jason Ward
Jane Webster

Emeritus Directors

Erin Bateman, Founding Director

John Gillam, Founding Director

Millie Ward, Founding Director

Diane Bognich

Amy Dougherty

Tilman Gray

Luanne Hege

Ben Hoffmier

Mike Kelly

Ken Pearl

John Woolard


Patty McKenna, Executive Director

Lee Whitley, Case Manager


Jenny Williams, Financial Manager