Outer Banks Sporting Events, Inc. (OBSE)

The mission of Outer Banks Sporting Events, Inc. (OBSE) is to organize and promote sports competition and healthy living resources, provide financial resources for needed relief and support for education while contributing to economic development for the Outer Banks of North Carolina.” Proceeds from the sporting events of OBSE benefit both the Outer Banks Relief Foundation and the Dare Education Foundation.

Outer Banks Community Services Collaborative

The Outer Banks Relief Foundation continues to support the efforts of the Outer Banks Community Services Collaborative which began in 2009.  Bringing together a wide range of outreach, charitable and helping groups and organizations from throughout the area, this initiative spearheaded the effort to establish NC 2-1-1 in Dare, a comprehensive resource databank of human services, a  help-line system, and a volunteer information component for the county for those seeking assistance and for those providing or interested in providing assistance.  The NC 2-1-1 program was launched in 2012 with funds from the Outer Banks Community Foundation and the Outer Banks Relief Foundation.   The 2-1-1 call center provides information on and access to over 140 Dare County-based services. There are also links to more than 400 regional, state and national programs, with the 2-1-1 database continuously checked and updated for accuracy.  The call  to 2-1-1 is free, confidential and available in any language 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And all the information at the 2-1-1 call center can be accessed online as well at nc211.org.

This initiative, led by Patty McKenna, Relief Foundation Board Member — is now funded by the Outer Banks Relief Foundation with support from TowneBank.  We are committed to working together with all of our helping and outreach agencies and groups in our community, to minimize duplication of effort, and to maximize our limited resources by working together for the benefit of all our citizens and our Dare County community.

The Outer Banks Relief Foundation is also one of the many organizations on the Outer Banks providing support and funding through a mutually-supportive and effective working relationship with Interfaith Community Outreach and other groups offering Hurricane Irene disaster relief assistance.  We are also pleased to continue supporting the efforts of the Room In The Inn (RITI) church-based homeless shelter program as RITI continues to respond to the needs of our homeless and displaced here in our community.

Surf Club

The mission of the Surf Club is to support the efforts of the Outer Banks Relief Foundation as it assists members in our community who are burdened with financial difficulties due to debilitating illness or personal tragedy to themselves or their families.

Charter Members Inaugural Installation Ceremony on February 22, 2010

Charter Members Inaugural Installation Ceremony on February 22, 2010

Inner Banks Efforts

For four years the Relief Foundation Board of Directors struggled to define the words Outer Banks. At the board’s February 2008 retreat the board approved that the Foundation will “… assist citizens in our community!” The Board removed the words Outer Banks from their mission statement. The Board further defined community to include not only Dare and Currituck Counties, but the inner banks, for Northeastern North Carolina counties whose economy is not driven by tourist dollars.

What we  do not want to do is to complicate or duplicate fundraising efforts and community services in the inner banks. Our intent is to share our foundation’s mission with the inner banks. By doing so and if our assistance is needed, we want to do what we can to assist our inland neighbors.